Legal Terms

Notification regarding .ua (Ukraine), .ru (Russia), .by (Belarus) and .moscow domain names

General Terms and Service Terms

Where you contract with us by way of an Order Form, you will be bound by reference to:


Our Services are subject to the rules of ICANN in force from time to time, together with Com Laude policies mandated by ICANN (ICANN Rules).  ICANN Rules are set out below.

In what follows, Registrar or we means Com Laude; Registered Name means a domain name; Registrant or Registered Name Holder means the registered owner of a domain name.

Registry Rules

Our Services are subject to the rules and policies of the relevant registry (including the Trademark Clearinghouse) in force from time to time (Registry Rules).  Registry Rules are set out below.

A useful list of registries can be found here (this does not form part of the Registry Rules).  The IOC, Red Cross, and IGO reserved names for new gTLDs can be found here.

Digital Services Act

Com Laude’s central point of contact for the purposes of domain name registrations and the Digital Services Act (DSA) is Com Laude Domain ESP S.L.U., a company registered in Spain whose registered office address is at Calle Barcas 2, 2, Valencia, 46002, Spain.

Email Address:

Telephone: +34 963 114251

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