New gTLD launch planning and strategy

Valideus can test the practicality of launch programme rules, detect any operational issues before they arise and devise effective solutions. We can also produce other helpful documentation for use by you, your registrars and registrants, including a shorter, user-friendly launch programme description, applicant and registrar guidance notes, and FAQs. All documents can be written in multiple languages.

Launch programme phases
We can advise on launch programme structure and applicant eligibility rules for each launch phase, and are able to participate in road shows to meet with business, government, and other relevant stakeholder groups to obtain feedback on the launch plans for your registry. We can design and implement a phased Sunrise for rights owners not in the Trademark Clearinghouse, or a Limited Registration period for local businesses or an eligibility check on accredited professionals.

Policy creation
Our policy creation service is coordinated by our Head of Legal Policy, a qualified lawyer with over 20 years internet governance and brand enforcement experience. Our services include the drafting of your:

  • Eligibility Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Naming Policy
  • Privacy and WHOIS Policy
  • Registrant Ts&Cs
  • Contract drafting
  • Registry/Registrar Agreement (RRA)
  • Registration Agreement (for registrars to sign with Registrants)

Premium names
We are able to suggest names to add to your premium names list and recommend pricing if this is relevant for your registry model.

We can assist with designing and delivering marketing and communications plans, including direct communication with target groups, including governments, through meetings and presentations.

We provide rights validation and verification services for checking the eligibility of domain name applicants. We validate all types of data including:

  • Registered and unregistered rights including trademarks, court-validated marks, marks protected by statute or treaty, company names, trade names, social names and official acronyms;
  • Geographical nexus and residency including post codes and identity cards;
  • Community membership;
  • Professional affiliations.

Auction planning
If two or more Sunrise or priority period applicants apply for the same second-level domain name, contentions are often resolved through an auction process. We can draft auction rules on your behalf and recommend third-party auction providers, which will award domain names to registrants according to your policies. If a third party also applied for the top-level string you selected, we will advise you on contention resolution and assist you to manage private auctions, ICANN auctions, or to reach a private negotiated agreement.

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