Should you wish to register .joburg names with us or transfer .joburg names to our management, the Registry Operator, ZACR Central Registry NPC, imposes certain conditions. As set out in our Terms and Conditions, by placing an order with us you unconditionally agree to be bound by these conditions as follows:

  1. Registrant shall comply with all Registry Operator’s Published Policies, as amended from time to time.
  2. Registrant represents and warrants that
    1. i.the information provided in the Application is accurate and complete, and that it will keep such information up to date at all times;
    2. has the right without restriction to use and register the Domain Name;
    3. the best of its knowledge and belief the registration of the Domain Name or its use does not and will not directly or indirectly infringe any legal right of any third party in any jurisdiction, including with respect to trade mark, service mark, trade name, company name, close corporation name, copyright or any other intellectual property right;
    4. iv.will not use the Domain Name for any unlawful purpose whatsoever, including, without limitation, distributing malware, abusively operating botnets, defamation, unfair competition, passing off, phishing, piracy,, counterfeiting, fraudulent or deceptive practices or generally for the purpose of confusing or misleading any person;
    5. the time of the initial submission of the Application, and at all material times thereafter, it will have an operational name service from at least two operational name servers for the Domain Name. Each server is and will continue to be fully connected to the Internet and capable of receiving queries relating to the Domain Name and responding thereto; and
    6. has selected the Domain Name without any input, influence or assistance from the Registry and/or Registrar
  3. Registrant shall accept the jurisdiction of any dispute resolution mechanism established in respect of the TLD by the Registry Operator, ICANN or by applicable law, as the case may be, in disputes relating to the Domain Name, including the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) and the Uniform Rapid Suspension (“URS”), and agrees to be bound by any decision that may result.
  1. Registrant agrees that it will defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Registrar and the Registry Operator, their directors, officers, members, employees and agents, for any loss, damage, expense or liability resulting from any claim, action or demand arising out of or related to a breach of the aforementioned warranties or the use or registration of the Domain Name, including reasonable attorneys’ fees on an attorney and own client basis.
  2. The Registrant agrees that the Registry Operator or Registrar will have the right to withdraw the Domain Name delegation, suspend operation of the Domain Name, or transfer the Domain Name (as the case may be):
    1. i.Should the Registrant fail to pay any of the fees contemplated for the name within the periods provided by the Registry Operator;
    2. ii.should the Registrant breach any warranty under clause 2 above;
    3. iii.if the Registrant withdraws its consent for processing of Personal Information;
    4. iv.should the Registrant breach any other provision of this Agreement, and fail to remedy such breach within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving written notice from the Registrar calling upon it to do so;
    5. order to correct mistakes by Registrar or the Registry Operator in registering the Domain Name pursuant to the Published Policies or ICANN policy applicable to the Registrar;
    6. vi.on receipt of an order by any competent court having jurisdiction; or
    7. vii.on receipt of a decision by a dispute resolution provider appointed in terms of an official domain name Dispute Resolution Procedure introduced by law, or adopted and published by the Registry or ICANN (if applicable).

Registrant consents to the collection and use of Personal Information as set out in the Published Policies and in particular for the following purposes:

  1. i.use by the Registry Services and in particular providing a public WHOIS facility which may include the Personal Information;
  2. ii.Inclusion of Personal Information in escrow deposits by the Registry held by third parties located anywhere in the world;
  3. iii.Transfer of Personal Information to the Registry Service Provider or the Registry’s Affiliates for the purposes of providing Registry Services; and
  4. iv.Transfer of Personal Information to a third party replacing the Registry in providing the Registry function terms of the Registry Agreement, wherever in the world such third party may be located.