Introducing the Com Laude Group RISE Committee

Our RISE Committee is a staff-led initiative made up of 15 members located across the globe and from various teams within Com Laude. The Co-chairs of the RISE Committee are voted in by team members and make recommendations directly to the Board of Directors. Together, the Committee helps advise Com Laude on ways to be Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Equal within the company and in everyday life.

RISE Committee mission statement:

“The RISE Committee want to create, nurture and sustain an inclusive culture whilst celebrating diversity. We will achieve our goals through education, by listening and respecting each other, and by co-operating on ideas for improvement to create a workplace with equal opportunities and an employer who gives something back to our communities.”


Recent RISE initiatives include:

  • Became a committed member of the Inclusive Employers Association 
  • Providing recommendations to the Board of Directors to develop measures to promote and advance a diverse, inclusive, and accessible Com Laude for mutual benefit of its employees, shareholders, clients, and communities we are working in.
  • Initiating pro-bono services for not-for-profit organisations and those companies assisting to improve working conditions. Our first pro-bono client is Sedex a membership organisation that provides online platforms for companies to improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source ethically.
  • Developing a strategy so that we can take a stand on societal issues.
  • Introducing Employee Wellness days and funding anonymous professional counselling for team members.
  • An Employee Supported Volunteering program.
  • Reducing business and inter-company travel with better monitoring while offsetting our carbon footprint

In addition to the above, the RISE Committee continues to support our ECO group, to help promote environmentally friendly practices inside the company and in day-to-day life.


Com Laude Group’s journey for improved Diversity & Inclusion

As we continue our inclusion and diversity journey, it is a shared goal of our employees, represented through our RISE Committee, and our senior leadership to improve our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) posture. We aspire to a culture of authenticity, respect, and trust.

New D&I Initiatives under consideration or development include:

  • Achieving the “Inclusive Employers Standard”.
  • Expanding the support we provide for “Major Life Disruptions”.
  • Developing “Building Belonging” initiatives and creating “Pathways for the Under-represented” to improve how we recruit.

We constantly look for new opportunities, especially those relevant to our industry. For example, our Executive Chair serves on INTA’s new Brands for A Better Society Committee. We believe that a positive attitude and a committed team can make a tangible difference to inclusion and diversity.



Our CSR Mission & Policies

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (CSR) was launched over a decade ago with a consideration of the 3Ps of CSR – People, Planet & Profit

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