Client Satisfaction & Testimonials

Each year we run a Client Satisfaction Survey. In the last quarter of 2023, we reached out to 600 of our clients, including some of the most famous and respected brands in the world. Many of them have commerce-critical websites that depend upon the secure maintenance of domain names that we manage.

Once again, we are delighted with the outstanding feedback we have received from our clients which we use to drive improvements:

  • 97.7% of our clients are likely to recommend us (up 0.7% from 2023)
  • 91% believe we offer excellent value for money (up 1%)
  • 88% are “extremely satisfied” with the utility and clarity of data we provide in the Com Laude Portal (up 3%)
  • 85% are extremely satisfied with our invoicing (up 2%)
  • Our security and stability, embedded in our technology and our processes, was rated 94% (up 4%)
  • The quality of service and responsiveness of our domain strategists received very high scores of 95% (the same as 2023)

Testimonials – What our clients say about us in their own words

“Com Laude’s domain name service is excellent, very responsive and always helpful”

“Their speed and accuracy is unmatched and extraordinary!”

“The services that Com Laude provides are of the highest standard. All my interactions with their extremely competent specialists are positive”

“The best Domain Management team I ever got a chance to work with”

“Com Laude has a very professional team, and an easy and really useful portal. We feel really secure with them managing our portfolio”

“If your business depends on being online, domain names are a crucial part of infrastructure. Businesses that are serious about their internet driven revenue need a corporate registrar that understands this and can help harden their domain portfolio. Com Laude understands this very well and will help you be resilient with anything domain name related”

“Absolute experts in domains and a friendly knowledgeable team”

“Com Laude is our trusted partner in the domain space. I really value their client focused approach, with the emphasis on responding to our needs rather than selling us domain names.

“My experience with Com Laude is superb. The products and services provided are top-notch. the people behind the product are keenly knowledgeable”

Com Laude Intelligence

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