.cz Czech Republic

Should you wish to register .cz names with us or transfer .cz names to our management, CZ.NIC Association, the Domain Authority in the Czech Republic which administers the .cz ccTLD imposes certain conditions. As set out in our Terms and Conditions, by placing an order with us you unconditionally agree to be bound by these conditions, any Registrant Agreement and/or Domain Name Licence with the .cz Domain Authority. You agree and acknowledge the .cz registry policies and conditions as set out below and updated from time to time.

The registration of domain names under the top level domain .cz is regulated by the CZ.NIC – Rules and policies including:

The law stipulates amongst other things the operational model for administration of domain names, responsibilities and obligations as well as the form and content of the domain name.

On your request, Com Laude will register the domain name in the domain name registry system administered by CZ.NIC Association, update the domain name, renew the validity of the domain name, change the domain name registrar, transfer the domain name to another holder or remove the domain name from the domain name register.

You agree to provide accurate registration information for the registered name (including e-mail address confirmed by return e-mail or other method), and immediately correct and update the registration information for the registered name during the registration term for the registered name. You will be liable for damages caused to the CZ.NIC Association and to us by stating incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading data, or using a Domain Name contrary to the Rules of Registration or in a manner infringing upon third parties’ rights.

If your seat, residence or contact address is outside the EU/EEA you agree to either:

  • provide CZ.NIC Association with a valid contact address within the EU/EEA upon request by CZ.NIC Association, upon a judicial request, or request by an executive authority, an arbiter, the arbitration court or an administrator or expert under the Rules of Alternative Dispute Resolution; or
  • designate us as your representative to receive mail relating to domain names, unless you have provided us with the contact details of another person within the EU/EEA you wish to designate as your representative.

If you wish to transfer your domain name to another holder, you must request the transfer from us.

If you wish to switch domain name registrars, you must either:

  • request the new registrar to obtain a registrar transfer key from us; or
  • request the registrar transfer key to be released from us in person and submit it to the new registrar.

You must make the request to switch domain name registrars in writing.

We will provide CZ.NIC Association with your data in order to register the domain name; if the you are an individual, your personal data will be provided to the CZ.NIC Association as described in our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policy of  CZ.NIC Association and further processed by the CZ.NIC Association in accordance with their Privacy Policy.