.gd Grenada

Should you wish to register .gd names with us or transfer .gd names to our management, the Registry Operator, KSregistry, imposes certain conditions. As set out in our Terms and Conditions, by placing an order with us you unconditionally agree to be bound by these conditions. You agree and acknowledge the .gd registry policies as set out below and updated from time to time:

  • You agree to abide by all policies, terms, conditions, restrictions and requirements adopted by KSregistry from time to time as referenced on the website at  (the “Registry Policies”) which include but are no means limited by You acknowledge that KSregistry may, in its sole discretion, add, modify, revise or amend any Registry Polices at any time. Publication of a new or revised policies on the website shall constitute notice.
  • You acknowledge and agree that KSregistry reserves the right to deny, cancel or transfer any registration or transaction, as well as place any registration under lock status in its unlimited and sole discretion in order to: (a) protect the integrity and stability of the registry system; (b) correct mistakes of KSregistry or any registrar connected to the registration of the registered name; (c) avoid any civil or criminal liability; (d) to comply with court or binding arbitration orders; or (e) for non-payment of the applicable fees.
  • You acknowledge and agree to comply with the requirements of international copyright laws.
  • You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless KSregistry, the registry services provider for .gd and its subcontractors, and all its and their officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliates from and against any claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising from or relating to for any reason your registration of the registered name. The indemnification obligations survive the termination of your registration agreement with Com Laude. You acknowledge that Com Laude shall make available a copy of your registration agreement to KSregistry upon request.
  • You consent to the use, copying, distribution, publication, modification and other processing of your personal data by KSregistry and its designees and agents in a manner consistent with the purposes of the registration agreement, including, but not limited to the publication of the your personal data in the public Whois or as may be redacted to comply with applicable laws.