.nu Niue

Since September 2013, The Swedish Internet Foundation (Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur – manages the operation and administration of the top-level domain .NU. The Swedish Internet Foundation collaborates with Registrars regarding the registration and administration of .NU Domain Names.

Nom-IQ Limited t/a Com Laude is an accredited registrar for the top-level domains .NU and .SE. Together with The Swedish Internet Foundation, which runs the .NU and .SE registries (the Foundation), Com Laude works for the positive development of the Internet for the benefit of users and society at large. Our shared goal is satisfied domain holders, regardless of whether they are large organisations or private individuals.

The Terms and Conditions for Registration of.NU names can be found at:

These Terms and Conditions of Registration apply for all Domain Names registered under the top-level domain .NU, and apply between the Registrar, the Domain Holder and The Swedish Internet Foundation.

Through its Portal and the support of a Domain Strategist, Com Laude offers Domain Holders the following Registration Services in respect of .NU names, for which Com Laude has the right to determine and charge a fee:

  • New registration of Domain Names
  • Renewal of Domain Names
  • Updating of contact information
  • Administration of name servers
  • Assignment of Domain Names
  • Change of Registrar [no fee charged]
  • De-registration of Domain Names
  • Management of DS records

Domain Holders of .NU Domain Names have a right to change Registrar. A list of The Swedish Internet Foundation’s Registrars is available at

Personal data handling and Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for .NU names can be found here: Com Laude handles personal data in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection legislation and in accordance with The Swedish Internet Foundation’s controller of personal data agreement.

Abuse reporting

If you suspect a domain name registered through us is being used for an abusive purpose, please contact with full details of the alleged abuse, including the domain name that you wish to report and your full contact details. We will review your report and respond appropriately. Please note that we reserve the right to forward your complaint in full to the relevant law enforcement authorities and we are only able to respond to requests written in English.

Termination by Registrar

Com Laude reserves the right to terminate a .NU domain name registration agreement by giving notice no less than three months prior to the date on which the registration expires. On the giving of such notice, this registration agreement will end after the end of the registration period. The Domain Holder must select a new registrar; if the Domain Holder does not select a new registrar, the Swedish Internet Foundation will, pursuant to section 5.3 of the .NU Terms and Conditions of Registration, serve as the temporary registrar.