Client-Shaped Domain Management

Com Laude Group has developed a radically different approach to portfolio management. We call it Client-Shaped Domain Management and it means that we put your unique needs at the heart of our operation.

Our wide range of Domain Management services range from portfolio audits to acquisitions and recoveries. Our domain name portfolio management services include:

  • Domain Name Registrations and Renewals
  • Domain Name Portfolio Rightsizing, including Audits and Gap Analysis
  • Domain Name Acquisitions & Disposals
  • New Client On-boarding and Transfers
  • Domain Name Watch
  • Domain Name Recovery
  • Domain Name Transfers

Our Domain Strategists are all domain name experts and use Com Laude Intelligence, our cutting-edge AI-powered portfolio rightsizing tool that automates the process of rationalising clients’ domain portfolios. By analysing many data points surrounding each domain name, such as DNS records, registry lock status, and SSLs, Intelligence evaluates and determines the importance of each domain in relation to your specific objectives.

Com Laude Intelligence provides a visual dashboard within our domain management portal which displays insights such as information on domains that are actively driving traffic and those that lie dormant. Similarly, Intelligence assesses the most important domain names, identify potential security risks, recommend enhancements to safeguard online assets to make sure they are held in line with best practice.

With this information, our domain strategists who work closely with our clients and know their aims and requirements can quickly and accurately make informed decisions about their online presence, ensuring their domain name portfolios are always fit for purpose and secure.

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