Our services

Valideus helps organisations understand and benefit from the new gTLD process. We specialise in working with intellectual property owners, law firms and public agencies (including city authorities).

An overview of our new gTLD services

Feasibility consulting

Valideus can help you to evaluate ICANN’s new gTLD opportunity and ultimately decide whether it is commercially viable to own and operate a top level domain.

New gTLD application services

Working collaboratively within a project team, we will prepare and refine a new gTLD application for you which is designed to exceed the requirements of ICANN’s evaluators. We will guide you through the complexities of the new gTLD application process, assisting with string selection, material preparation, budgeting, policy development, and registry operations.

Advice and consultancy services

We offer strategic consultancy and advice to help ensure the success of your new TLD from initial feasibility right through application, and launch to running your registry. We understand all the key issues involved with running a TLD; we’ll help with appropriate string selection, policy setting, and getting through the minefield of rules and regulations.

New gTLD launch planning

There are many steps to consider before launching your own registry. Valideus can test the practicality of launch program rules, detect any operational issues before they arise and devise effective solutions. We can also produce other helpful documentation for use by you, your registrars and registrants.

Validation services

We are the go-to company for validation services, so new you can be confident that holders of certain rights are able to register their corresponding domain names in line with your registrant eligibility policy. We can validate all types of data, including registered or unregistered rights, geographical nexus, community memberships, and professional affiliations.

Front-end registry solutions

Valideus will help your company manage your new gTLD registries and provide ongoing support. We will produce all the necessary material to manage your registry and then we will manage it for you everything from key partner management to ensuring Registry Agreement compliance.  We will be there to make sure your registry operates as you want it to.

.BRAND registrar services

We work with clients to provide registrar services to .BRAND registries. Our expertise in this area is built on the knowledge of our sister company, Com Laude, which provides registrar services to single-registrant registries. All of your domain names can be centrally administered via their DNS-Dashboard®, which streamlines the registration and management of domain names under your .BRAND TLD. The DNS-Dashboard® readily integrates with your back-end registry service provider and features, multiple authentication layers, tiered access permissions, bulk registration capabilities, portfolio reporting, real-time searching, resource record editing facilities, and complete visibility and control over your entire domain name portfolio.

Rights protection

Com Laude, our sister company, is an accredited registrar. Com Laude offers the advice brand owners need in order to formulate a sharp strategy with regard to domain name registration in all the new gTLDs at the second level. As a registered agent of the Trademark Clearinghouse, Com Laude can help identify which trademarks to file and submit them for validation to the database on your behalf. Com Laude can also add your trademarks into the Domain Protected Marks List (DPML), a blocking service offered by some portfolio new gTLD applicants.

Domain Intelligence

Domain Intelligence is a new service for brand owners who want to shape the future of the domain industry but are time starved. We attend the industry events for you. We find out what you need to know, tell you when you need to take action and provide you with options for how you can stay ahead of the game. We track the development of round 2 (Subsequent Procedures) of the new gTLDs and help you be ready to apply for your dot brand.

What our clients say about us:

“The quality of their work is great. We completed eleven 350 page documents yet there was only one mistake and that was in the financials bit which we were responsible for! They have a perfect score from ICANN and no-one else does. They also do things like run internal workshops for us which are really useful, they are very hands on.”

“We pay for a premium service. I think it is very good value, and we get our money’s worth.”

“They had the exact service offering that we wanted, I could trust them and they integrated really well with my team.”

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