gTLD Dashboard

Protecting brand IP through domain name registrations requires knowledge of gTLD eligibility requirements. Com Laude is pleased to maintain and make available the gTLD Dashboard as a handy resource of up-to-date key details for all ICANN-delegated generic Top-Level Domains in the DNS root zone.

Brand owners can use the information in the gTLD Dashboard to identify and evaluate gTLDs in which they may be eligible to register domain names. For descriptions, and delegation, Sunrise, Landrush, and General Availability dates, click +. If you require further information about or would like to register under any of the gTLDs listed below, please contact your domain strategist. If you would like to speak to Com Laude about our services to help you strengthen your digital brand, safeguard your customers and protect your IP, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Note: the calendar displays live TLDs and upcoming releases only.