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Additional terms and conditions for use of Com Laude’s proxy service for .uk domain names
Please note that the name, e-mail address and telephone number you provide to Com Laude to act as the Proxy Service Customer admin contact will be shared via secure means with Nominet, and accessible by Nominet only in the event that Com Laude suffers a business failure.

Additional terms and conditions for enabling DNSSEC records for .uk domain names

DNSSEC for .uk domains allows you to benefit from a chain of trust within the DNS infrastructure through to your individual .uk second level domain names. For further details on the way DNSSEC works within the .uk registry, please see here. DNSSEC helps to authenticate DNS responses by verifying signatures in the chain of trust from the DNS root servers, through the TLD registry, and down the domain’s DNS servers, providing end users with higher level of trust that they have reached the correct website. Inconsistencies in this chain can cause validation to fail, resulting in the domain no longer resolving. Please note that DNSSEC is not an impenetrable solution (eg the discovery of new DNSSEC security flaws may affect the stability of domain name records). If you have any specific questions, please speak with your client manager.

By enabling DNSSEC records for the .uk domain names on your tag, you will be able to secure domain names by registering DNSSEC records with Nominet. Nominet accepts no liability towards any registrants in relation to the operation or use of DNSSEC by either party. You agree:

  • That Nominet accepts no liability in relation to the operation or use of DNSSEC records and that registrants accept all risk in relation to the use of DNSSEC in relation to their domain names; and
  • That Nominet will take reasonable steps to correct any error in the DNSSEC records, where such an error is as a result of a mistake on Nominet’s part, but will otherwise accept no liability for the error.
  • You also confirm that you understand and accept the risks of using DNSSEC and that Nominet accepts no liability in relation to the operation or use of DNSSEC.
  • To the extent that you register domain names on the behalf of another entity, you agree to indemnify Nominet and Com Laude in relation to all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including any direct or indirect consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal and other professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by Nominet or Com Laude as a result of your failure to notify such entities of the above information.

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