Web 3.0 Services including Blockchain Domains

“My experiences with Com Laude are superb. Their products and services are top notch. The people behind the products are keenly knowledgeable.” (From Client Satisfaction Survey, 2022)

How can you rise to the challenge of Web 3.0? How are other IP specialists protecting their brands? Are defensive registrations the answer?
We help you navigate this new environment and secure exactly the right type and number of blockchain domains you need.
We have a comprehensive range of services that provide you with peace of mind that your key marks are safe:

Education & Strategic Advice – We run “Web 3.0 Kickstarter” training packages that provide insights on your organisation’s best strategies and help you to set budgets and develop tactics that minimise risks. Check out our Kickstarter Guide here.

Blockchain Domain Registration & Management – Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in domain innovation and protection, we create blockchain domain registration and management programmes. We cover the most popular blockchains, such as Unstoppable, Ethereum and Handshake. We can also review blockchains in local markets important to you.

We offer a complete, end-to-end solution featuring:

  • Advice on which blockchain domains to buy, how to set a budget and how to manage wallets and crypto
  • Working with Registry Reserved or Protected Lists
  • Registering blockchain domains at the second and the top level. We can help you mint domains too.
  • Setting up a wallet and obtaining crypto currency for related fees.
  • Managing your blockchain domains and wallets year after year
  • Blockchain domains are shown in the Com Laude Portal alongside your Web 2.0 domains

Blockchain Recon Reports – We assess where your brands appear in the most popular blockchains and conduct a risk assessment with actionable steps.  We can also cover the most prominent metaverse and NFT platforms.

Enforcement of rights and acquisition of registered names from third parties

Blockchain registrants are pseudo-anonymous, with contact details hidden behind a digital identity. Working with partners, we can help you track registrants and negotiate transfers or enforce your rights.

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