Welcome to the Com Laude World of Web 3.0!

You’d be hard pressed to find another topic that has garnered more attention from brand owners and IP professionals over the last few months than Web 3.0. There is no doubt that the next wave of the internet, characterised by decentralisation and ownership of your data, will continue to gain speed. The current list of brands launching into various Metaverse platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox, or online gaming platforms like Roblox is growing longer every day.

One thing is for certain, Web 3.0 won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This is why Com Laude continues to offer information to brand owners on all facets of Web 3.0. Our most recent initiatives are no exception.

Com Laude Web3 Podcast

We are proud to share the release of the very first podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of brands with the metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain technologies. The Com Laude Web3 podcast brings together brand owners, marketers, attorneys, and technology providers to talk about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities that Intellectual Property owners need to know about in the world of Web 3.0.

We are extremely excited to launch this new initiative with an in-depth interview with Julius Stobbs, founder of Stobbs IP. In this episode our host, Dietmar Lenden, speaks to Julius about:

  • How Stobbs IP are helping clients navigate the Web 3.0 space.
  • Some of the risks and potential rewards of blockchain domains.
  • Trademark registration and licensing strategies for brands in Web 3.0

New episodes will be dropping every month, so please follow and subscribe to the Com Laude Web 3 podcast on our YouTube channel, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast we would love to have you! Please drop me a note at any time to discuss potential episode ideas – rob.kriner@comlaude.com.

Crypto Wallet Best Practices Webinar

In this webinar, in-house experts from Com Laude and Stobbs IP discuss everything you need to know about crypto wallets. This 30-minute session, presented by covers:

  • What are Crypto Wallets and why are they important?
  • Setting up a Crypto Wallet.
  • Use cases and operation best practices.
  • Wallet considerations and implications for corporations.

Whether you’re experienced in the world of Web 3.0 or starting out, this webinar is sure to provide valuable insights and practical tips for managing your digital assets. Click here for more information and to view the recording.

Com Laude’s history is rich with examples of how we’ve helped brands simplify complex industry events. From ccTLD sunrises to the ICANN new gTLD program, Com Laude has been a trusted advisor to world class brands for decades. The world of Web 3.0 is no different. If you have questions on blockchain domains, NFT enforcement, or general Web 3.0 strategy, contact our team today.

Com Laude Intelligence – ‘This is the Way’

The launch of Com Laude Intelligence, our latest technology tool, is designed to help our clients get the most out of their domain portfolio.


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