Com Laude Intelligence – ‘This is the Way’

I am passionate that Com Laude continues to lead by service and technology (our team may have heard this once or twice!). The launch of Com Laude Intelligence, our latest technology tool, is designed to help our clients get the most out of their domain portfolio. Intelligence ensures that portfolios remain fit for purpose, pay their way and domains are protected.

Combined with the unmatched experience of the experts on our team, Com Laude Intelligence is central to our client-shaped services.

What does Com Laude Intelligence do?

How many pages can I write?  Here’s a summary:

  • Intelligence brings together scores of data points to optimise the return from every domain in each client’s portfolio
  • The tool helps advise the right domain choices. It highlights the surplus domains clients don’t need – saving money – and it identifies domains they do need to enhance their brand posture
  • It profiles the importance of each domain relative to the client’s specific goals, analysing how secure each domain is and then recommending the right security enhancements
  • It also identifies the most important brands that would benefit from further protection; and makes suggestions to consolidate often fragmented supplier bases. Reducing risk and cost.

Intelligence is a refreshing new approach to managing domain portfolios. And the insights look really nice in our portal too.

But that’s just a quick summary and you will want to learn more. So please check out this excellent video where my colleagues Tim Brown and Kate Reid go into the detail.

How did you come up with Com Laude Intelligence?

We invite feedback from our clients and I love hearing their views about Com Laude and how we can make their experience even better. I heard loud and clear that combining our experts along with automated portfolio insights would delight our clients.

So, guess what? This is exactly what we have produced with Com Laude Intelligence. The tool collects lots of data about clients’ portfolios and leverages the power of automated analysis techniques and artificial intelligence to present insights to our Domain Strategists. They in turn use these insights, along with familiarity with our clients, to give them the very best recommendations.

So we’re combining the best human expertise with cutting edge technology – a perfect combination to deliver secure, rightsized domain portfolios.

What are client-shaped domain services?

Our client-shaped domain services reflect how Com Laude delivers the best-in-industry client experience through services and advice tailored to each client’s individual business needs.

A core part of how we work is our rightsizing promise which ensures there are no excess domains or gaps in clients’ portfolios; that portfolios are measured against current and future needs; and that every domain is doing its job – achieving positive outcomes without excess.

Equally, domain name security has never been more important to protect customers and their data. We all see regular news stories about data breaches, and we know how important it is to keep key domains secure.

So, to make the best use of your domains budget don’t hesitate to contact your domain strategist. They will happily present your portfolio insights and recommendations.

And if you have a portfolio managed elsewhere and want some complimentary insights from Com Laude Intelligence, please contact us by filling out the ‘Interested in Intelligence?‘ form on the right. We’d be delighted to help.

You will be surprised, on a sensible budget, how intelligent your domain portfolio can be.