The Com Laude Podcast – Episode 1 (with Julius Stobbs)

Our first episode features Julius Stobbs, founder of Stobbs IP. In this episode our host, Dietmar Lenden, speaks to Julius about:

  • How Stobbs IP are helping clients navigate the Web 3.0 space
  • Some of the risks and potential rewards of blockchain domains
  • Trademark registration and licensing strategies for brands in Web 3.0

Whether you’re experienced in the world of Web 3.0 or just starting out, our podcast series will be sure to provide valuable insights and practical tips for managing your digital assets. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, Apple podcasts or Spotify, for monthly episodes.


Webinar: Crypto Wallet Best Practices

Crypto Wallets are an essential tool for anyone interested in investing and trading in cryptocurrencies, purchasing NFTs and Blockchain Domains, or accessing Metaverses. We’re pleased to share with you our 30-minute webinar on Crypto Wallets.

Watch the webinar