Staff And Servers Supporting Our Clients Through COVID

These past months our team around the world has been effectively working remotely throughout the pandemic, continuing to successfully support our clients.

As well as our human team, the servers and software operating our domain name watching systems have also been vigilant; keeping an automated and watchful eye on our clients’ critical brands behind the scenes.

As we announced back in March, we configured our industry leading domain monitoring system – Com Laude Watch – to check the domain name space for COVID-related bad actors, malicious and criminal domain names. Domain names registered to take advantage of the pandemic, our clients and their customers.

We wrote about some of the sorts of scams and criminality linked to the virus that were circulating back in April. Designed to mislead, confuse and manipulate web users, domain-based scams present a real threat and need to be quickly found and dealt with proactively.

Since March we have checked the namespace daily, uncovering pandemic-related malicious domain names and taking immediate action to have sites and domain names taken down and rendered inactive.

Even if action was not required straightaway, every 15 minutes we cross-referenced any domain name that we had uncovered for evidence of use with malware, botnets, and spam usage. If any misuse were found, we – and our clients – would be alerted without delay.

In the last six months, our domain name watching service has carried out literally millions of searches and cross-checks, keeping us and our clients rapidly informed of any issues. Through our servers’ vigilance, our staff have been able to stamp out issues before they become widespread problems.

And the cost of this service to our clients? Completely complimentary.

An important underlying philosophy of how Com Laude do business is to work with our clients to keep their brands secure online. In times of crises we are here to help, not exploit the situation; forming long-term, collaborative partnerships with our valued clients.

To discover how our services could benefit your brands and to meet our team (and, if you want, our servers) then please do get in touch.