Newsflash: Changes to Coverage of TREx Blocking Mechanism

From 1 November 2020 the TMCH’s blocking mechanism service, TREx, will no longer cover .COLLEGE, .RENT, or .XYZ. Current TREx subscriptions will continue to block domains under these TLDs until the expiry of the subscription term. However, new subscriptions taken out from 1 November onwards will not include these three gTLDs.

The TMCH are offering two solutions to retain some protection for .COLLEGE, .RENT, and .XYZ:

  1. A TREx subscription could be renewed prior to 1 November to allow one extra year of coverage (subscriptions can be renewed up to a year in advance of their expiry date). However, at the end of that year coverage will be lost.
  2. Alternatively, domains currently blocked under .COLLEGE, .RENT, or .XYZ (due to their incidence with your recorded TMCH trade mark) can be transferred to you as live registrations at the end of your TREx subscription. The request must be submitted with the TMCH no less than two weeks prior to the expiry of the TREx subscription and will attract usual registration fees.

Subscriptions taken out or renewed after 1 November 2020 will cover 40 TLDs and the fee for the blocking service has been adjusted accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Domain Strategist or fill out our contact form.