COVID-19 Domain Name Search Service

The global pandemic has afforded bad actors the optimum opportunity to, detrimentally, impersonate leading brands. From targeted phishing attacks, to malware distribution, to registering alternative domain names using homoglyphs all intended to confuse and compromise Internet users.

During these testing times, Com Laude is exercising due diligence to help protect our clients’ on-line IP.

As industry leaders of corporate domain name management and protection services, we are pro-actively supporting a subset of global clients in the detection and mitigation of these threats.

In essence, and since the early days of the pandemic, we have been operating a complimentary domain name monitoring service using our proprietary system, Com Laude Watch.

Com Laude Watch has been designed, built, and developed by an in-house team who have over 20 years of experience in the domain name industry, and understand the intricacies of protecting our client’s brands and reputation.

Com Laude Watch scans over 275 million domain names daily, covering an array of brand names with the addition of common keywords relating to the pandemic, such as “covid”, “coronavirus” or just “virus”. Every fifteen minutes, the system checks these domain names for malicious content, such as malware, botnets, and spam usage.

These measures have been taken to help protect our clients from unethical, malicious, and criminal behaviour; and should any matches be detected, these will be reported by the dedicated Domain Strategist and appropriate enforcement action agreed.

Com Laude Watch offers extensive domain protection services, during and beyond COVID-19. To discover how our services could benefit your domain name portfolio, please contact us or speak to your Domain Strategist.