The Com Laude Podcast – Episode 6 (The Turning Point: How 2023 Reshaped Web 3)

In our sixth episode, we recap 2023 so far and how the Web 3.0 landscape changed. Join us as we discuss:

  • The FTX collapse.
  • Why the Metaverse failed to deliver on the initial promise?
  • Did the NFT bubble burst and the future of the NFT market?
  • Blockchain Domain use cases and how to protect your Intellectual Property?

Whether you’re experienced in the world of Web 3.0 or just starting out, our podcast series provides valuable insights and practical tips for managing your digital assets. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, Apple Podcasts or Spotify, for monthly episodes.


Com Laude Intelligence: and the client-shaped provider asks “What do our clients think so far?”

It has been fantastic to witness clients’ responses, when our domain strategist team show them the domain security and portfolio insights and portfolio visualisations in Intelligence.

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