TLD Newsflash

Launch of .ING and .MEME

Registry operator Charleston Road Registry Inc. (Google) has announced the launch of two new semi-restricted gTLDs, .ING and .MEME.

For both .ING and .MEME, domains may be registered for periods of from 1 to 10 years, privacy and proxy services are permitted, and a registry lock service is available.

Google TLDs are more secure domains, meaning that registrants must obtain an SSL certificate and configure HTTPS serving so that browsers can load websites at .ING and .MEME domains. Your Domain Strategist can assist with both the ordering of these domain names and associated SSL certificates.


Example domains:,, etc.

Launch of ING and MEME table 1


During the Limited Registration Period .MEME domain names may only be registered to content creation platforms specialising in the creation and distribution of internet memes.

Launch of ING and MEME table 2

* Launch phases will open and close at 16:00 UTC.

GlobalBlock launch postponed to January 2024

The Brand Safety Alliance (BSA) Team has informed that the launch of the GlobalBlock has been postponed to January 2024. The BSA will provide more information on dates and pre-launch activities in the coming weeks.

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