Mission Critical Domain Services for Brand Owners

We Deliver Domains – Domain Registration and Maintenance, Domain Strategy, Blockchain Domains, Domain Enforcement and Domain Security. We manage domains trusted by millions of consumers every day to guide them safely to authentic goods and services.

“Com Laude is our trusted partner in the domain space. I really value their client-focussed approach, with the emphasis on responding to our needs rather than selling us domain names.” (Client Satisfaction Survey, 2022)

Our global team of experts, available to you 24/7, help your business to:

  • Take control of your domain names
  • Measure the health of the domains you manage through Domain Intelligence
  • Reduce the risk of a critical incident
  • Utilise our innovative and secure technologies including a brand-new management portal with industry-leading security features
  • Enjoy competitive pricing while receiving advice that saves you money
  • Maximise uptime of applications dependent on the DNS
  • Detect and resolve domain name brand infringements
  • Anticipate new technologies and ecosystems such as blockchain domains and Web 3.0

All our clients have their own dedicated Domain Strategist— available in person — by phone or email. Your Domain Strategist is a domain name expert who will put your unique needs at the heart of our operation.


Our Core Services: