5 Steps to a Successful Domain Name Transfer

A streamlined and well managed domain name portfolio is a worthy objective, but if your incumbent registrar is not providing an appropriate level of service for a fair and predictable fee, achieving this goal may be compromised. For example, is it their policy to render hidden costs when it comes to making amendments to domain records?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right domain name registrar:

  • Together with corporate domain name management do they provide a suite of services such as premium DNS and enhanced security options?
  • Do they provide dedicated Domain Strategists to assist with day-to-day management, administration, technical updates, SSL certificates, and more?
  • Are there hidden costs, for example, when terminating your contract or transferring your domains?
  • Are there contractual provisions that enable year-on- year fee increases above inflation, or additional charges for updating WHOIS details to reflect, for example, the company’s change of address?
  • Do they help you to right-size your portfolio before transferring it across – so you only pay for the domain names you need and remove any excess?

At Com Laude, we provide transparent costings for all of our services, that include premium ‘follow the sun’ support from our global team of Domain Strategists. Our service standards are high. We do not charge for routine amendments such as technical changes or routine updates to Legal Registrant data. So, you can accurately forecast your costs and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Furthermore, we make the transfer process from other registrars quick and straightforward:

    1. To maintain continuity of service for all your domains, we prepare a technical consolidation plan in advance and seek express authority to proceed prior to any transfers being initiated.
    2. We provide full support to ensure the smooth transition from the incumbent registrar to our systems.
    3. We audit your portfolio and identify excess names in your portfolio that should be allowed to lapse – avoiding unnecessary transfer charges and ongoing costs you do not need to spend.
    4. Admin tasks, such as drafting the correct documentation for country specific registries for any country code TLDs (such as .uk, .de & .cn) will be completed by our team.
    5. All migrations are scheduled for the most appropriate time of day (or indeed night); we work to your requirements and batch transfer domains while operating effective multiple control layers to maintain full availability of your online presence.

To discuss transferring your domain name portfolio from your current registrar to us, please contact us today.