Solid Domain Name Industry Growth

The number of domain registrations has risen year on year by 4.9% according to the latest industry data from Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief. That’s an extra 16.3 million names added, with 6.3 million (1.8%) added in the last quarter alone.

The spread of domain growth lies across all types of domains – legacy domains like .com, and country codes like .uk and .cn. However, the last year has seen in percentage terms a significant pick up in new gTLDs with an extra 3.2m (15.5%) growth year on year. New gTLDs now make up 6.8% of all domain registrations – still a long way to go to matching the legacy behemoths like .com and .net, but nevertheless more encouraging stats than a year or so ago.

It’s also worth noting that many of the new gTLDs do not measure success in terms of domain registrations. For example, if you’re operating a dot brand like .apple or .barclays, the number of domain registrations does not matter (as that’s entirely under your control), but rather the recognition of the domain as your home on the internet.

These latest stats show that the domains market continues to grow and yield opportunity. If you would like to learn more about how strategic management of your domain name portfolio can help protect your brand and your customers, request an appointment.

chart of new gtlds versus total tlds

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