Working from home? 6 tips to help you transition

As many companies across the globe have closed their office doors, working from home has become the new normal. It’s an adjustment for many employees, including our own, as we adapt to this new environment. However, we can use this opportunity to learn from one another, so we asked our employees to share what’s helped them get through their transition. What could help those that need a burst of inspiration to get motivated? Here are their thoughts:

  1. Set a routine and stay away from negative news

“Working in business development, I’m often on the road meeting prospective clients. When I’m travelling, day to day routines aren’t set in stone and no two days are the same. However, the new normal has meant I’ve spent a lot more time at home and having a sense of routine has been key for me. For example, keeping the same working hours every day. I try and avoid any negativity, including recycled stories on the news. Instead I go on my daily walk during broadcasts periods to boost my overall morale.” says Ken Taylor, Director of Business Development, US.

  1. Create a vibrant and well-lit work-space

“Marketing requires a great sense of creativity and I often find I do my best work when I’m feeling inspired. Working in a clean-cut environment with plenty of natural light, and bright colours instantly puts me in a positive mood and better head-space. Therefore, I’ve moved my desk to a position where the sun shines through the window, and I have added lots of colourful objects to my desk, including my green grasshopper coffee mug.” says Aftab Pathan, Content Marketing Manager, UK.

  1. Make time to communicate with colleagues

Communication amongst employees should carry on as normal, or perhaps even going the extra mile to check-in with one another digitally. For example, we have started a daily coffee video chat that gives us 15 minutes to have non-work-related conversations to break up our day. It’s a great way to feel connected globally, even though we are all working from home.” says Yoshi Murakami, Representative Director, Japan.

  1. Participate in daily exercise

“I feel much better when I participate in a dose of daily exercise, even if it is in the house. It’s not something I had done up until now, but it helps me both mentally and physically. All the endorphins ensure I stay focused during my working day too.” says Mercedes Vivo, Head of Projects, Spain.

  1. Say yes to flexible working

“It can take a while to get used to working from home and the fact that all your worlds are colliding. It’s okay to take a quick break to do laundry in the middle of sending an email and to accept that the lines may get a little bit blurred from time to time. It is normal and will happen to the best of us. We will eventually get used to it, but it is important to remember we are not alone.” says Sara Freixa, Senior Manager of Business Development, US.

  1. Keep yourself busy

“I continue to keep the same routine as if I was going to the office. Not only does it set me up for the day, but also ensures I get into the right headspace to work. As my role is mainly team management, technology enables me to stay in contact with all my colleagues virtually and it brings a sense of normality. Most importantly, I take time to reflect, watch light-hearted TV shows and get fresh air at the end of the day.” says Hayath Hussein, Client Services Director, UK.

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