New ccTLD Update – India – .Bharat IDNs launch

The .IN Registry announced on 16th March 2020 the launch of additional .bharat IDN domain names. The ‘Sunrise A’ period will be open from 16th March 2020 until 15th May 2020, where only Indian registrants holding Indian trademarks can apply. ‘Sunrise B’ opened on 16th April 2020, for overseas registrants holding Indian trademarks, and it will also close on 15th May 2020.

This launch of the .bharat IDN will support the following eight (8) scripts: Kannada (.ಭಾರತ), Oriya (.ଭାରତ), Assamese (.ভাৰত), Sanskrit (.भारतम्), Santali (.भारोत), Kashmiri (.بارت), Sindhi (.ڀارت ) and Malayalam (.ഭാരതം).

  • Sunrise A : Indian registrants holding Indian trademarks.
  • Sunrise B : Overseas registrants holding Indian trademarks.
  • Sunrise C : Existing registrants holding an ASCII domain name .in

Each Sunrise application will require an “Affidavit form” which needs to be notarised and sent to the registry along with a copy of the trademark certificate.

For further information, please contact us or your Client Manager.