Com Laude Portal – a UX to be proud of

One of my greatest privileges as CEO is when I see our teams working together on projects that deliver significant enhancements to our client’s experience and that of their customers.

Our business aims to provide sector-leading service and technology. And over the past couple of years, it has been a great pleasure to see the fledgling Com Laude portal transform from concept into the integrated, modular experience it provides to our clients and our team of domain strategists today. Making the technology team’s investment – of their time and energy – so very worthwhile.

With a contemporary look and feel, intuitive navigation, it really is a UX to be proud of. With support for a range of languages and a fully responsive design, it also addresses the diverse localization and device preferences of all client users.

What is the vision for Com Laude’s portal?

The portal is designed to be extendable; with modules that deliver the full range of client-shaped domain services. To manage the life cycles of portfolios of domains and related assets of all shapes and sizes – a task where Com Laude truly excels.

Built on  a modern technology stack using an Agile product development methodology, we now have a superior portal to sustain the next business cycle and beyond.

Where our clients, or we on their behalf, can diligently manage the domains under their ownership to ensure each domain is secure and serves a positive purpose: while also highlighting domains the client doesn’t own which may be infringing their IP, today or in the future

Everything a corporate domain portfolio owner needs and desires – all in one portal.

What domain services does it fulfil?

Accessible via our UI or by API, with both MFA and SSO authentication security protocols, the Com Laude portal includes:

Standard reports cover the vast majority of user needs, and for the more advanced user we have fully customisable reporting. Whilst our granular role-based user profiling allows our clients to assign a range of least access privileges. Affording the very best visibility and control.

What’s the best way to see the portal?

If you’re an existing Com Laude client, please log in and take a look. Your dedicated domain strategist would love to hear your feedback, and should you like them to guide you just ask.

And if you are not a Com Laude client just yet, please contact us and our team will happily provide you with a no-obligation demonstration at a time to suit you.

We promise it will be time well spent.

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