The Com Laude Podcast (EP-10) – First Round Review Part 2

In part two of our series reviewing the first round of new gTLD applications, we met with Nisha Parkash, Head of Domain Management at Sky, to talk about the dot SKY TLD. In this episode, we discussed:

  • The importance of dotBrands in creating secure infrastructure
  • Building support and understanding internally
  • Use cases and future plans for dot SKY
  • Actions applicants need to take in preparation for the next round
  • Limitations on using your own TLD

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The Com Laude Podcast (EP-9) - First Round Review Part 1

In part one, our guest is Vivek Goyal, COO & Co-founder at LdotR. He shared his experience with applying for four TLDs, the difficulties he and his team encountered, and what potential applicants should be aware of if they want their own brand TLD.

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