Launch of . LOCKER

Registry operator Orange Domains has announced the launch of their new gTLD . LOCKER. It is an open TLD and no restrictions apply. The launch program is as follows:

Phase Start Finish
Sunrise (TMCH, End-date) 19th June 2024 20th August 2024
Pioneer Program 28th August 2024 11th September 2024
EAP 18th September 2024 25th September 2024
General Availability 25th September 2024


All phases start and finish at 16:00 UTC. The Pioneer Program is dedicated for marketing purposes whereby . LOCKER domains will be issued to joint venture partners, founders, early adopters, evangelists and influencers as determined by Orange Domains.

The . LOCKER solution is comprised of two parts: the .LOCKER domain name (Web2) and a .LOCKER digital identity (Web3) that is reserved for the holder of the corresponding .LOCKER domain, but not compulsory to have.

SSL price increase notification

DigiCert have announced that they are increasing their MSRP by approximately 7% for all DigiCert brands, including GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL.

As part of DigiCert’s commitment to delivering the best TLS/SSL certificates globally, DigiCert regularly reviews its products and services alongside the industry standard. With an increase in hard costs associated with providing the best TLS certificate experience in the world and to ensure continuity of industry-leading value, DigiCert is increasing the cost of all services to us from June 2024.

Com Laude will be implementing these price changes accordingly for all DigiCert SSL products from 1 July 2024. Given the variety of certificate options, the new pricing will be available on request and new orders or renewals from 1 July will reflect the new pricing.

Launch of top-level domains under .TR – Category 3 Period Extended

Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu (BTK), the Turkish Registry, launched the top-level domain .TR in September 2023 with a Transition Process, during which second-level .TR registrations are grandfathered based on the extensions and allocation dates.  You can check our previous communications here for more details.

Category 3 period was set to run from 14 February to 14 May 2024, but it has now been extended until 7 August 2024.

The date for General Availability has not yet been confirmed, but we are accepting pre-orders. If you have any applications for General Availability, please contact your Domain Strategist.

TMCH Price Increase – Reminder

As we informed you in March, the Trademark Clearing House announced a price increase starting 1 June 2024 – the adjustment will affect both registration and renewal fees. Your Domain Strategist will be able to provide the new TMCH fees.

For further information and pricing, contact your Domain Strategist, or contact us here.