Newsflash: AdultBlock+ Service Promotion

ICM Registry’s Pricing Promotion

The .XXX block purchased by many brand owners in 2011 will come to an end in December 2021. The AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ services are replacing this, and will enable brand owners to block terms under 4 gTLDs instead of just 1: .PORN, .SEX, .ADULT and .XXX.

The ICM Registry is running a promotion with Com Laude on their AdultBlock+ blocking service until 31 July 2020, with attractive promotional prices for converting to AdultBlock+ now.

For clients who already have a .XXX block with Com Laude, we are offering an additional discount to those who convert to AdultBlock+ before 31 July 2020. Further discounts are also available for volume purchases.

Terms already registered in the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) or registered in the Sunrise B program (a term ‘blocked’ during the launch of .XXX) are eligible for registration under this blocking service.

In 2021 the Registry will begin re-validating the Sunrise B trade marks.

Should you not wish to convert to the Adult Block then we will work with you on the re-validation of your .XXX block closer to the time.

The AdultBlock+ service blocks a term and variations of a term as well as Unicode variants such as homoglyphs and IDNs (whereas the standard AdultBlock service only allows for the blocking of a single term). If a domain name containing the term is already registered then it will be blocked as soon as it becomes available for registration, and premium names can be blocked as well under both services.

For further information on costs, volume discounts and to place orders, please contact us or your Client Manager.