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ccTLD News | .SB - 1 & 2-Character Domain Names

Written by: 
Kirsty Holmes
3 August 2017

The .SB Registry for the Solomon Islands, Solomon Telekom Company, has announced that starting from 04 August 2017 it will be possible to register 1 and 2-character domain names (both numeric and alphabetical) under all the current extensions (.SB, .COM.SB, .NET.SB and .ORG.SB), for example I.SB, ME.SB, 12.COM.SB.
The requirements for registration will be the same as for the other extensions - no restrictions apply.
Please note that the applications are first-come, first-served but the registry will manually check them before they are approved.  If an application is rejected, the applicant will receive a full refund.
Should you wish to place an order, or for further information, please contact your Client Manager or