TLD Newsflash

Launch of .BOX

Registry operator Intercap Registry Inc. has announced the launch of the new gTLD .BOX as follows:


The registry is to have a dual Web2 and Web3 launch, further information will follow as it becomes available.

Launch of .MUSIC

Registry operator DotMusic Limited has announced the launch of .MUSIC as follows:

music new dates

This is a restricted TLD, reserved for individuals and legal entities who can meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Music Intellectual Property – music-related trademarks, copyrights, and patents.
  • Music Community Members – Members of a Music Community Member Organizations (MCMO).
  • Musicians, Artists/Bands and Creators.
  • Music Based Business, Corporation and Organization.
  • Consultants, Agents, Managers or Professionals Working on behalf of those aforementioned.

In General Availability phase, additional classes of eligibility for individuals and entities that do not have a documented history of one or more of the requirements and attributes mentioned above, but can attest a general nexus to the music community at registration or application for a MTLD domain name, are:

  • Non-Music Based Businesses, Incorporations and Organizations – established businesses with a strong commercial history outside of the music industry that wish to use music as part of their future business, marketing, promotional activities.
  • Aspiring Musicians, Artists/Bands and Creators – individuals and groups of individuals with a demonstrable intention to create music-related activity, which includes but is not limited to, work as an artist, band, songwriter, composer, or producer.

.MUSIC domain names are a secured namespace and registrants are required to verify their identity with official government identification at the Registry Operator’s Identity Verification Solutions Provider (IVSP) post registration. Until the identity verification process is completed, the domain name will be put on Registry Server Hold. The use of privacy and proxy services are prohibited.

.BOT – General Availability delayed

Amazon Registry Services, Inc., the registry operator for the gTLD .BOT, has announced that the date for General Availability has been postponed from 12 September 2023 to 30 October 2023, in order to allow registrars additional time to update their systems and help ensure a smooth transition to General Availability. Further details will follow.

Privacy and Proxy services prohibited for .NL domains after 1 October

SIDN, the registry for .NL domains, has announced that from 1 October 2023 Proxy and Privacy services are no longer allowed for registrants.

From that date third parties will not be allowed to act as the nominal registrants of .NL domain names and the General Terms and Conditions for registrants and registrars will be updated to reflect the rule change. The Registry says that the registrant data must be correct and reachable if needed, and having the true registrant’s details is important for preventing abuse.

If you have been using Proxy and Privacy services for your .NL domains in the past, your Domain Strategist will contact you shortly.

.NET Price increase from February 2024

Verisign, the registry operator for the .NET gTLD, has announced that it is to increase the annual fee for .NET domain names from USD 10.67 to USD 11.66*.
The change in pricing will be effective from 1 February 2024 (05:00 UTC) and will apply to registration, renewal and transfer of registrar domain transactions.

You may wish to consider renewing your .NET domain names before this price increase comes into effect to take advantage of the current pricing – domains can be renewed for up to ten years.

.INFO, .MOBI and .PRO Price increase from January 2024

Registry operator Identity Digital has announced an increase in the fees for .INFO, .MOBI and .PRO domains, effective 17:00 UTC on 17 January 2024. The price increase* will apply to registration, renewal and transfer of registrar domain transactions. Premium domain tiers in these TLDs will not be impacted.

The fees will change as follows:


*Com Laude fees and the ICANN USD 0.18 per domain year levy are additional and VAT will be added where applicable.

For further information, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.