How to align strategic goals with your Corporate Domains

Com Laude has always treated domain names as being at the intersection of IP and IT. Whilst maintaining technical excellence, we have consistently focused on what good corporate domain management means over and above the practical factors of maintaining a domain portfolio. The constant question we ask ourselves ishow can we ensure that this client’s portfolio of domains is optimally structured and managed to help achieve both their strategic and commercial goals?

To help us answer that question, we’ve formulated ten principles of effective corporate domain management. Reflecting what works well, identifying areas for improvement and embedding best practices into every domain management team.  They apply to all domain portfolios, irrespective of size or sector:

  1. Understanding what domains are registered
  2. Security around those domains
  3. Rightsizing your domain portfolio around the business goals
  4. Benchmarking your domains against their division/brand
  5. The cost of each domain during its lifetime
  6. ROI for each domain
  7. A portfolio champion to define and oversee strategy
  8. Up-to-date training
  9. Compliance of accurate domain name records
  10. A trusted partner to manage your corporate domain portfolio