Newsflash: UNR Reactivates EPS Blocks in June 2021

As we informed you in February, UNR (formerly Uniregistry) paused the Blocking Services in March 2021. UNR has now announced that from 1 June 2021 they will be accepting new creates and renewals of EPS and EPS+ blocks.

The EPS and EPS+ blocks will now only cover the following 10 TLDs: .click, .country, .gift, .help, .hiphop, .hiv, .juegos, .link, .sexy, .tattoo. The other TLDs previously covered by the services (.audio, .blackfriday, .christmas, .diet, .flowers, .game, .guitars, .hosting, .lol, .mom, .photo, .pics were sold by UNR in auctions that took place at the end of April.

Please note that all existing (non-expiring) blocks will continue to include the original 23 TLDs until their current expiration dates. Upon expiration, the blocks can be renewed with the currently-participating 10 TLDs at the updated prices.

Creations and renewals will be for 1 year only.

For further information, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.