Relaunch of .CFD and UNR pauses Blocking Services

Relaunch of .CFD

Registry operator, ShortDot SA, has announced the relaunch of the new gTLD .CFD as follows. The TLD was assigned from DotCFD Registry Limited to ShortDot SA in January.

.CFD stands for ‘Clothing & Fashion Design’ and will be an unrestricted TLD. It was previously restricted to entities holding one or more regulatory permissions granted by a financial regulatory authority in respect of the CFD space.

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UNR (formerly Uniregistry) pauses Blocking Services from March

With the auction of 23 UNR TLDs scheduled to take place on 28 April 2021, the registry operator has decided to pause the registration and explicit renewal requests of its UniEPS and UniEPS+ blocking services from 15 March 2021 until further notice.

Auto-renewals after 15 March will be honoured for no charge for as long as UNR manages the blocks in its system, however the new owners of the TLDs will have the discretion to cancel these free renewals immediately once they assume control.

UNR will be encouraging any new owner to continue the blocking services. However, as an alternative, UNR will recommend to the new owner that blocked domains be converted to banned/reserved domains in the new registry system and scheduled for release on the expiry date of the block.