The Value of dot Brands

See how Google and Major League Baseball are using their dot brands

In 2012, more than 600 companies applied for a dot brand TLD. Why?

Some thought of it as a protective mechanism against trademark squatters. For others it was a chance to see how they could enhance their online security. And for a brave few brands, it was a chance to take the bold step of launching their dot brand, to strengthen brand perception online.

Even Google admits, “when we purchased .google, we sat on it for a while trying to figure out exactly what to do”.

For many brands it could be that they don’t know how to launch a dot brand, or may not know what to use it for, or brands are simply waiting for best practices to emerge.

Some brands are using their dot brand to improve security, and strengthen brand perception. Including Google and MLB, some of the innovative trailblazers are; Japanese multinational corporation Komatsu, and Audi, the German car manufacturer, which is using their dot brand in several inventive ways.

Read the interview to see how Google and Major League Baseball are paving the way for dot brand usage.

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