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New gTLD services

New gTLD Services

The internet is changing. ICANN, the not-for-profit corporation responsible for managing the stability and security of the internet’s domain name addressing system, is libralising generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). ICANN accepted applications from entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, communities and other organisations seeking to become registries in order to run new gTLDs. In 2012, 1,930 new gTLD applications were filed for a total of 1,409 unique gTLDs; 1,179 of these had a single applicant and 230 were requested by two or more parties. These applications included:

  • Brand names
  • Community terms, such as .CATHOLIC, .ECO, and .GAY 
  • Non-Latin language script words, such as [online], .购物 [shopping], and .موقع [site]
  • Generic words, such as .APP, .BLOG, .EMAIL, .HOTEL, .LAW, .TECH, and .WEBSITE 
  • Geographic terms, such as .LONDON, .NYC, .PARIS, and .SYDNEY 

Com Laude offers the advice brand owners need in order to formulate a cost-effective strategy for protection across the new gTLDs.