Relaunch of .TRUST & .REALTY and .OBSERVER to become unrestricted

Relaunch of .TRUST

Registry operator UNR Corp. (formerly Uniregistry) has announced the relaunch of the new gTLD .TRUST as follows. The TLD was assigned from NCC Group Domain Services, Inc. to UNR Corp. in June last year.

.TRUST will be an unrestricted TLD.

During the Sunrise period, it will be possible for both TMCH trade mark holders, as well as holders of other naming rights, including the following, to register domains:

  • Local Trade Marks not supported by TMCH
  • Company names without Trade Marks
  • Product names without Trade Marks
  • DBA, fictitious and trade names
  • Full names of individuals
  • Aliases of individuals

Documents will be required for validation from holders of other naming rights.

Validated businesses can also secure a Sunrise registration ahead of launch.

There will be no premium or reserved names and domains with 1-63 characters will be available.

IDNs are available in the following languages: Chinese, Cyrillic (focussing on Russian primarily), French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Proxy/privacy registrations are permitted and a registry lock will be available.

.REALTY and .OBSERVER to become unrestricted

Registry operator Identity Digital has announced that it will be offering domains under the new gTLDs .REALTY and .OBSERVER from 30 March 2021. The TLDs were assigned to Identity Digital in October 2020.

Both TLDs will be unrestricted – previously, domain names were required to resolve or redirect to a website.

Please note that .REALTY and .OBSERVER are not and will not be covered under your DPML registrations.

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