Newsflash: Relaunch of ccTLD .BH and Launch of .البحرين (.xn--mgbcpq6gpa1a – “.albahrain” in Arabic)

ccTLD Registry operator Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), for the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced the relaunch of the ccTLD .BH and the launch of the IDN TLD .البحرين (.xn--mgbcpq6gpa1a – “.albahrain” in Arabic).

Registration of top level .BH domains will open with a Sunrise Phase and will follow with a Local Phase; while registration of domains under the corresponding IDN TLD in Arabic .البحرين (.xn--mgbcpq6gpa1a – “albahrain”) will initially be for existing .BH domain holders and will follow a Grandfathering phase before opening in General Availability. All the details of the Launch are on the table below:

*All domain names shall only be made active upon completion of an approval process (within three working days).

Arabic (IDN) and Latin characters are permitted for domains under .BH; Arabic characters only are permitted under .البحرين (.xn--mgbcpq6gpa1a – “albahrain”).

Registry Lock will also be available.

From 3 November 2021, domains will also be available for registration under the third-level .COM.BH, on a first-come, first-served basis, as follows:

Eligibility Criteria: For businesses (global), provided that the name or the business activity is related to the domain name (e.g. A valid commercial registration certificate, or trademark, intellectual or industrial property registration certificate is required.

Registrations on the third level will also be available on other TLDs such as .NET.BH, .INFO.BH, .ORG.BH, etc; contact us if you would like more information on these.

Com Laude’s fees are additional and VAT will be added where applicable.

To place an order, or for further information, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.