Newsflash: Launch of registrations directly in .AU in 2022

auDA, the Registry operator for AU domains, has announced that it is launching registrations directly in .au on 24 March 2022. A brief overview of the launch plan as it currently stands is as follows:

  1. Holders of an existing AU domain (,, etc) can apply for a Priority Status to register the exact match of their existing domain name under the top level .au during the Priority Allocation Process for 6 months, starting in March 2022. There will be a fee for lodging an application, we will inform you on the fee shortly.
  2. If more than one registrant is eligible to apply for Priority Status for the same .au domain name, for instance if registrant A holds and registrant B holds, the name will be allocated according to priority categories, which are determined by:
    1. The existing domain name creation date
    2. The Priority cut-off date of 4 February 2018, as outlined in auDA’s Priority Allocation Process.
  3. Other applicants will be able to apply for a domain directly in .au if the domain is not already registered in any other .au namespace,, etc, as long as they meet the usual eligibility criteria for Australia, i.e. they have an Australian presence, which includes:
    1. being a citizen or permanent resident
    2. being an organisation registered in Australia
    3. being an applicant or owner of an Australian Trade Mark but only in respect of a domain name that is an exact match of the words which are the subject of the Australian Trade Mark application or registration.
  4. According to the Registry any conflicts related to Priority Allocation will have to be resolved by direct negotiation between the relevant applicants.

More information on priority categories and examples can be found on the auDA website.

We are currently seeking additional detailed information from the Registry and will provide an update.

In the meantime should you require further information, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.