Com Laude statement regarding readiness for impact of COVID-19


To address the unique challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19, we have revisited our business continuity and disaster recovery plans and launched a formal COVID Contingency Plan. This plan is implemented across all our offices and service lines including Com Laude, Valideus and Demys.

Our aim is to minimise operational risk and to protect clients’ assets whilst safeguarding the welfare of our teams.

We recognise that the portfolios we manage include business critical domains so we have designed a flexible, stepped approach to ensure that we can react rapidly and effectively to safeguard the assets we protect for our clients.

The measures that we have taken include:

  • A proactive programme of monitoring of the rules and regulations imposed by governments in the jurisdictions where we have offices.
  • A documented Business Continuity plan which is regularly reviewed.
  • Monitoring of the framework of client support that we have which stretches across four offices in the UK, over to Spain, then the East and West Coast USA, and finally to Japan.
  • Provision of remote access for Work-from-Home situations.
  • Co-ordinating with registries, local agents and key suppliers.

Any clients with questions about these measures or needing exceptional outsource support during this crisis, please contact your client manager directly.

We look forward to the resolution of this crisis and hope that all our clients, partners and staff remain safe and in good health.