New gTLD Update – GAL, .INC, .BABY, .MONSTER, .FILM and more

.GAL – Price Promotion

Registry operator Asociación PuntoGal has announced that it is running a pricing promotion on. GAL domains from 1 to 28 February 2019, with new 2-year registrations offered at a reduced fee.

.BABY – change of Registry and removal of restrictions

Registry operator XYZ have announced their acquisition of the new gTLD .BABY from Johnson & Johnson. This gTLD was launched in 2016 so there are no new launch phases, however the Registry will be marking the re-launch with the release of hundreds of previously reserved names, and by opening the gTLD to everyone with the removal of the eligibility criteria. The re-launch is planned for 2 April 2019. Please contact your Client Manager for a quote.

.FILM – Removal of Registrant Eligibility Requirement

The registry operator for the .FILM TLD, Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd, has announced it is to open domain registrations to everyone.  Previously, applicants were required to be a member of the film industry, or able to demonstrate a close connection with the domain name being registered.

A .FILM domain name and its use must be consistent with the mission and purpose of the TLD, that is, to benefit internet users by ensuring increased trust, convenience and utility.  The TLD will develop an internet space for the film industry, allowing the general public across the globe to engage directly with content relating to films, actors and actresses, and related organisations and associations, products and services.

This update to the registration policy will take effect from 22 February 2019.

.SCOT – pricing promotion extended

The registry for .SCOT, Dot Scot Registry Limited, has announced that they are extending their price promotion to 1 April 2019, discounting general release domains.

.SWISS – Release of 2-character Swiss Canton domains

Swiss Confederation is releasing domains comprising two-character abbreviations for the Swiss cantons, for example ‘BE.SWISS’ for Canton Bern or ‘FR.SWISS’ for Canton Fribourg on 1 March 2019.  Only the relevant Swiss public authorities may apply for these.

.INC – revised launch schedule

Registry operator, Intercap Holdings, have delayed the launch of their new gTLD .INC. The new launch schedule is as follows:

.MONSTER – launch

Registry operator XYZ have acquired the new gTLD .MONSTER, and will be launching it as an unrestricted tld as follows.

Please contact your Client Manager for a quote and to place orders.