Case Study: How HMRC partnered with Com Laude to save the public millions.

Com Laude’s Demys Platform shows how domain name monitoring delivers cost-effective protection against brand infringement.

In 2005 Inland Revenue and the Customs & Excise Department joined to form Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Com Laude’s Demys team helped develop a domain name strategy, and launch, and manage their domain portfolio.

Com Laude provides HMRC with strategic domain name portfolio management, fraud prevention, and dispute resolution services.

Fraudulent Activity

HMRC identified that imposters were using misleading websites to fool consumers into using premium rate phone lines to access government services that were available for free or at low cost.

The cost to consumers was in the millions, was damaging to HMRC’s reputation, and burdening their customer service support lines.

Prevention of Infringement

The Demys domain monitoring platform was used to detect infringements, and the algorithm was able to identify those sites having the most impact. Those sites were then prevented from operating through either DRS, or UDRP disputes.

Millions Saved for the Public

• In partnership with HMRC the vigilance of Com Laude’s domain monitoring platform has saved the public over £2 million, just from the premium rate phone scams.

• During 2018/19 alone approximately 450,000 people were redirected away from rogue sites involved in a variety of scams (phishing, compromised emails, advance fee fraud).

• A significant decrease in the amount spent on customer service to assist those scammed, and improved public perception of HMRC.

This partnership between HMRC and Com Laude has successfully saved the public millions.

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