Out Now – the latest edition of our comprehensive Gazetteer of Domain Registries

Which domains are the best ones for SEO for a business focussed on travel? To protect my brand across South America, without a local presence, which registries are open to me? Where do I find Whois information for North African country code registries? Which registries use the UDRP or offer a blocking mechanism in Asia? Is .cr the domain extension for Croatia or Costa Rica? Is there a Japanese IDN for food? Where can I find the rules of registration for Russia?

Navigating the business of domain name management is tricky. With over 1600 registries, it’s easy to become disorientated and waste valuable time on fruitless searches for answers to questions like these.

The new Com Laude Gazetteer of Domain Name Registries, just published in its 11th annual edition, is designed to help IP, brand and IT professionals get the right information. It is a handy reference guide in digital form that you can turn to quickly when you need an answer.

We have profiled every registry in the world alphabetically and we’ve indexed them by type, covering gTLDs, ccTLDs, new gTLDs with a sub-section for IDNs. We have grouped the new gTLDs by industry sector, provided a guide to blocking and an overview of countries that use the UDRP.

Compiling the Gazetteer is now a year-round task. Our wonderful Registry Research team review and amend entries across the year, even as they keep our Domain Strategists aware of changes in registry formalities or pricing, forthcoming launches or new rules or restrictions. It’s a big task. Information is usually provided in English but may arrive in a local script with a call to action that it is time sensitive. We need to receive and interpret notice of a change, gain clarity from the registry operator and then update all of our systems.

We aim to make the Gazetteer both comprehensive and useful. We think we’ve succeeded with a new layout that is designed to be easy to read.  Judge for yourself: order a free copy now because it’s really useful to have an up-to-date desk-top reference guide to the domain name system.

For your free digital copy, register using the form. Providing our clients with excellent, up-to-date information and analysis is part of our client-shaped mission.