Benchmarking Podcast: How to right-size your portfolio and align it with your strategic goals

In this 5 minute podcast learn how to strategically manage your domain portfolio and make the most of your budget.

External Benchmarking

1/ Compare your portfolio with select organisations
2/ Analyse portfolio spread
3/ Assess the key differences
4/ Compare enforcement activity
5/ Recommend action

—Provides insight on competitors’ strategy

Internal Benchmarking

1/ Rank your brands in terms of strategic importance
2/ Weigh and consider additional factors
3/ Compare rank and proportion of portfolio
4/ Cull areas of over representation
5/ Adjust areas of strategic importance

—Assists with budgeting & forward planning

This insightful exercise can be done on the whole portfolio or a regional/brand segment of the portfolio.

It should be re-run periodically to ensure strategic alignment with your organisation’s goals.