TLD Newsflash

.COM Price Increase in September 2023

Verisign, the registry operator for the .COM gTLD, has announced that it is to increase the annual fee for .COM domain names. The change in pricing will be effective from 1 September 2023 (04:00 UTC) and will apply to registration, renewal and transfer of registrar domain transactions.

You may wish to consider renewing your .COM domain names before this price increase comes into effect to take advantage of the current pricing – domains can be renewed for up to ten years.

This is the third fee increase on the .COM TLD since September 2021.

Identity Digital launches Registry Lock

Registry operator Identity Digital has announced that a Registry Lock service will be launched on 13 February 2023.

The Registry Lock will apply to all Identity Digital TLDs, over 270 TLDs, and the service will provide an extra layer of protection for domain names against unauthorized changes at registry level.

For further information, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.