Case Study: dotBot Top Level Domain

The term “bot” has been at the heart of the automation world for many years. Initially used as an abbreviated form of the word “robot”, referring to a computer program that performed automatic, repetitive tasks that mimicked human action and behaviour, it has become synonymous with new digital applications that are designed to enhance operational processes, reduce costs, and increase customer experience and satisfaction. Amazon Registry successfully applied to run the dotBot TLD in the first application round of the new gTLD program in 2012.

The TLD was initially launched in 2017 with some strict registration and validation criteria. The mission of the TLD was to provide “a space specifically for developers and their end customers to find and discover bots”. Initially it was only available to organizations that had published a chatbot through specific websites, including Amazon’s Lex platform and Microsoft’s Bot Framework, and through an authenticated application process via the Amazon Registry website.

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