TLD Newsflash

Launch of Registrations Directly in .AU

As we informed you in previous communications, auDA, the registry operator for .AU domains, launched registrations directly in .AU on 24 March 2022. The current phase, Priority Allocation Process, will finish on 20 September 2022.

Do not forget to send your application before the closing date or, if you wish to apply during General Availability, we can accept applications now, ready to be processed after 20 September 2022. More information on this launch and examples can be found on the auDA website

CNNIC New Rules for Registrant Validation

CNNIC, the Chinese registry, has modified the rules for registrant validation. The registry now requires that the registrant completes the verification process to be able to renew domain names. Previously it was possible to renew when the registrant was not validated but validation will now be required before registering, transferring or renewing a domain. If the validation of the registrant is not completed, the domain cannot be registered or transferred and the renewal will not be processed.

There are also new rules to complete the validation, the registry now requires the usual copy of the company registration certificate, as well as a copy of the passport or ID card of the contact person listed for the organisation.

TLDs affected are:

  • .CN and all the subdomains, .COM.CN, .NET.CN, etc
  • .XN–FIQS8S (.中国)
  • .XN–55QX5D (.公司)
  • .XN–IO0A7I (.网络)

.NET Price Increase from February 2023

Verisign, the registry operator for the .NET gTLD, has announced that it is to increase the annual fee for .NET domain names. The change in pricing will be effective from 1 February 2023 (05:00 UTC) and will apply to registration, renewal and transfer of registrar domain transactions.

You may wish to consider renewing your .NET domain names before this price increase comes into effect to take advantage of the current pricing – domains can be renewed for up to ten years.

For further information and pricing, please contact your Domain Strategist or contact us directly.