Our Transfer Policy

By placing an order with us, you agree that:

  1. we shall carry out transfers of gTLDs from one registrar to another and change of registrant details (registrant name, organisation or email address) (Change of Registrant) for gTLDs in accordance with ICANN’s Transfer Policy;
  2. you may not transfer a gTLD to another domain name registrar within the first sixty (60) days (the 60 Day Lock) of (i) the initial registration of that gTLD or (ii) the transfer-in of that gTLD to our management. You hereby agree that there will be no 60 Day Lock in the case of a Change of Registrant for gTLDs for which we are the registrar of record but that where we use another registrar to provide the Domain Name Services, such other registrar is likely to impose the 60 Day Lock; and
  3. you hereby authorise us to act as your Designated Agent under the Transfer Policy to approve a Change of Registrant on your behalf, provided that Com Laude will only approve such Change of Registrant if it has prior written instructions from you or your professional representative of the same. You also authorise any registrar used by us to provide the Domain Name Services to act as your Designated Agent in this way.