Our Auto-Renewal Policy

By placing an order with us, you agree that your names due for renewal will automatically be renewed by us, unless you advise us at least 46 days in advance of the expiration date that you do not wish to renew a name. We issue quarterly renewal reminder notices of all domains coming up for renewal in the following quarter, so you have approximately 90 days’ notice of any names coming up for renewal (e.g. renewal reminders for all names coming up for renewal in quarter 2 are sent out at the start of quarter 1). Lapse procedures at different registries vary. Please note that for certain countries primarily in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Azerbaijan, the former USSR and the Netherlands Antilles, we may need more than 46 days’ notice, together with signed documentation from the registrant in order to lapse a name: in such cases the date by which we need notice to be able to lapse a domain name will be made clear in our quarterly renewal notice to you.

The following italicised text is prescribed by ICANN and applies to gTLDs only:

The procedure for gTLDs which you wish to lapse is as follows:

  1. Expiration date plus 30 days: Redemption Grace Period. During this time we can renew your name if you change your mind for the normal renewal fee. We will charge you $100 for this renewal, or the fee agreed in your terms and conditions with us, whichever is the lower.
  2. Redemption Grace Period plus 30 days: Redemption Period. During this time we can recover your name from the registry. We will charge you $100 for this renewal.
  3. Redemption Period plus five days: Pending Delete Period. During this time, the name is set to expire at the registry and cannot be recovered.
  4. Approximately 65 days after the expiration date, your name will be deleted from the registry and will be available for others to register

We send out Pre- and Post-Expiration notices by email to the registered name holder of gTLDs as follows: (please note this is in addition to our quarterly renewal reminders referred to above)

  • Initial notice: 28 days prior to expiration date
  • Final notice: 4 days prior to expiration date
  • Expired notice: 4 days after expiration date